When in Lebanon, Eat Lebanese Food!

Posted: October 12, 2010 in Food, Lebanon, Travel
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(You can always tell when I’m hungry, because my posts tend to be about food.)

It seems that every time we (meaning my new group of friends and I) head out to eat, American fare lands on my plate: a little bit of pasta with Alfredo sauce and salmon (it was yummy), an American breakfast on a Saturday night, even a haystack at Hard Rock Cafe.

So while the language is foreign and the faces unfamiliar, I know the food all too well.

So finally, about a week or two ago, we sat down for some Lebanese food, though I don’t remember the name of everything.  Can’t wait until we go all out for a real sit down Lebanese meal.  In the meantime, this was a meal to be remembered.

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  1. Natalie says:

    Yummy! But what is that in the white sauce???

  2. Sea Jay Bee says:

    The baked crusty items look so appetizing!

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