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We all need a little “Escape-o-therapy” every now and again, no matter what our latitude.  I had a small dose this weekend at a nearby cove.  Though it was small, it was beyond what I could have imagined.  It was great “Escape-0-therapy.”


Happy Mothers Day (yesterday) to all the Middle Eastern Mommas!

It was a surprise to me too to learn that Hallmark did not universalize the date to fall at the beginning of May.  Whenever it is, mothers around the world deserve to be celebrated.  Just as I left the states, many of my friends found out they were preggers.  So to new moms and veteran mom’s alike; be it early or be it late, Happy Middle Eastern Mother’s Day!

Here’s a video from a program we shared at a Mother’s Day Program at church.

I play my Saturday Nights pretty cool, which is probably the antithesis to the Lebanese night life.  This Saturday Night, I was a reluctant participant, who could only think about going to sleep.  Nonetheless, I dragged myself out to hang out with some friends.  Casual as it was, these are the moments that I’ll remember…

Rock of Raouche, Beirut, Lebanon

The majority of life is normal and mundane.

We are often caught in its routine – the demands of work and family.  The musts, have tos, shoulds and should nots.  Seldom are we really able to just let go and be free.  To be captured.

There’s a very scenic place in downtown Beirut, along the Corniche, which in my mind is Beirut’s “Lakeshore Drive.”  The Corniche is a happening place to walk with family or friends or a lover.  Passers by are offered tea or coffee for a small price as they enjoy the view.  Everyday, the familiar buzz of city life is painted on the backdrop of a lazy sun dripping into the horizon until it is finally gone.

Last Friday, I was captured.

Last week, hail froze over.

One glance outside now and it’s hardly believable that it got cold enough for frozen brimstone to fall upon us.

We were pelted with balls of ice.  It sounded as though the heavens had dropped a bag of marbles on this tiny country.  Only the brave ventured out.  A Brazilian friend of mine, who has yet to see snow, yelped out “snow.”

In between these deluges, there were small glimmers of hope.  If you look closely enough, you’ll catch a faint double rainbow…

Falafels.  Always a crowd pleaser.  Shwarma for my carnivorous friends.  The last place I had falafels that I enjoyed so much was in Spain.  Mickey D’s eat your heart out…

While on an errand in the city, this man captured my attention…

Man and his Guitar

I was very impressed with the make-shift stage he created for himself.  He was equipped with a microphone and a small amplifier.  After a bit of money, he gladly posed for a quick pic… I hope to become a bolder photographer soon!