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Oh the Places I’ll Go

Posted: May 30, 2011 in Adventure, Lebanon
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I’ve been getting so many questions lately about what I’m doing next.

First from my dad.

Dad: “So, what are you doing next?”  Me: “I’m not sure yet.”  Dad: “Do you at least have an idea?” Me: “No, not yet.” Dad: (sigh of resignation)

Then from my best friend.

BFF: “So, what are you doing next?”  Me: “I’m not sure yet.”  BFF: “But how will I choose what ice cream flavor to eat if you’re not here?”

Then from my peeps in Lebanon:

Leb Peeps: “So, what are you doing next?”  Me: I’m not sure yet.”  Leb Peeps: (indecisive woman, decide quickly)

Right now I find myself at a crossroad.  Actually, I’d be happy if I were at a crossroad; at least then there’d only be two options.

Oh, what place shall I go?

Then I remembered a book that I love.  The commencement speaker read it for our 8th grade graduation.  “Oh, the Places You’ll Go.”

If this video is any sort of fortune teller, I should be emerging from the Waiting Place any day now with my final decision.

Wait for it….Wait for it…


Before I left the states my hairdressser told me, in the hushed whisper that hairdressers use when they’re telling you a juicy secret, that she had heard that one of her customers had told her that Middle Eastern guys are cute.  She described them as dark and handsome with the most mysterious of eyes.

In many ways she’s right.  Many of them are just that.  It’s pleasantly surprising to see men who can wear facial hair, since it’s not so common for business men in the states to have a full beard or 5 o’clock shadow without judgment of some sort.

Now, I officially have a crush, and his name is Adel.  Okay, so he’s not someone I interact with everyday, but he’s a crush nonetheless.  Isn’t he lovely?  (you’ll have to wait til you get 1 minute in to meet him)

For the past two weeks we’ve been hosting a group of American college students from Andrews University on campus.  It’s been great seeing students make friendships and learn about other cultures.  I’ve totally enjoyed hearing the voices of other Americans on campus, though I know it’s short-lived.

To show-off some of the best of Lebanese culture, this past Saturday night, we had Shawarma and Cocktails.  Before coming here, the only Fruit Cocktail I knew was made by Dole and consisted of small cubed pieces of fruit doused in sickly sweet syrup.

This cocktail is a mix of strawberry and avocado (yes! avocado) juice with sweet chunks of fruit mixed inside.  It’s a delight!  (LOL.  I can’t believe I just called something a delight).

Fruit Cocktail

And Shawarma…when I think of Shawarma, I think of gyros.  Given that I don’t eat meat, I’m probably not the best person to explain this dish, but the picture should speak for itself.


Off to sleep as I prepare to finish up the last few weeks of the year….