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Yes!  To answer the oft’ asked question, the answer is yes.  We do celebrate Christmas in the Middle East.  As Lebanon is a country of multiple religions, including Christianity, Christmas time is a big time of year.

In an effort to meet our neighbors on Sabtieh Hill, we (being the community at Middle East University) celebrated by inviting neighbors, friends, family members and strangers to join us for our first ever Christmas Village.  The event presented a live walk-through of the Christmas story, with scenes of the Angels, King Herod, the Manger, the Census Booth and a display of Christmas Around the World.

Much hard work went into the whole process

I’d specifically like to thank all of my friends and family members who prayed without ceasing for us to have good weather and a good turnout during the event.  We were blessed with both.

Check out my sometimes shaky but very proud video footage of the event.