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I woke up this morning to the sound of gusts of wind banging the doors around, like a tempestuous child who didn’t get his way.  Then, as part of my morning routine, I rolled over and checked my e-mail.  With my 8 hour advanced schedule, sometimes things happen over night.  I was greeted with the following e-mail:

How was your day?

How is Lebanon? I heard the news about Lebanon’s government. Any changes to daily life in Lebanon?

My response:

Still in bed, so i dnt know yet. : )

“The news” being referenced is that 11 of the 30 ministers in the Lebanese government resently resigned, causing a collapse in the government and a vacuum of power. However, upon checking, and, I realized that this was far and away not the day’s top news story.  CNN was focused on the shooting in Arizona; Al-Jazeera on a story in Israel and BBC on the floods in Brazil.

Having grown up in America, I wasn’t sure how to react to this news, but as I set off for class, I noticed that life was in tact.  I realize for most, this is life as they know it.  I’m definitely new to it all.  I’m familiar with a different type of unrest.  Americans refer to a crisis as bickering of politicians across the aisle.

Granted, I live outside of the city, so I don’t have an accurate feeling of life on the ground, in the heart of the city. But as far as my eye can see and my ear can hear (which isn’t too far considering I don’t speak Arabic), life seems to be marching on like normal.

So this is what crisis feels like?