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The Biggest Cover-up

Posted: April 12, 2011 in France, Islam
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Is France’s new ban on the niqab, a full face veil with an opening for the eyes, and the burqa, a loose body covering that includes a head covering or a hijab, along with the niqab, the biggest cover-up ever?  If so, what exactly are they covering up? Fear? Bigotry? National security?

If nothing else, the issue screams of a deliberate slim-down of religious freedom, and a loss of religious freedom for one group is a loss of religious freedom for us all, even if the god being served is the god of secularism.  What happens when secularism goes out of style?

I am not Muslim nor do I wear a niqab. I do not have a full understanding of the reason behind wearing the niqab. Frankly, I wouldn’t wear one.  My beef is with the way one group can forcibly require another group to play by its rules.  What happens when that group is no longer in charge.  Whose rules will be played by then?

How far is too far in the name of security?