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Don’t worry Dad, there’s more to this blog post than meets the eye.

I start this way, because I know my father is a regular peruser of my blog, so I must set his mind at ease that I have not flipped the script and started a different type of blog : )

I had a brief, yet interesting, discussion with my students after one of them gave a presentation. The assignment required students to find a newspaper article and state whether or not they agreed with the topic presented.  One of my students chose the following:

“Dubai Customs Seize Sex Toys Ordered Online”

The article was about an expatriate woman who ordered several sex toys online and had them shipped to her residence in The United Arab Emirates.  However, the woman never received her purchases, because the items were seized by customs, and the woman was required to sign a document stating she would not repeat her offense.  Apparently sex toys are prohibited in The United Arab Emirates (UAE).

While the article was interesting, I found the response of my students to be more interesting. After the student finished, I asked her colleagues if they agreed or disagreed with the government’s involvement in the case.  With the exception of one student (the only guy in the midst), I received a room full of “yeses.”

My surprise is less about the sex toys and more about the students.  While I understand that some students may have felt uncomfortable disagreeing on this topic in class, I imagine this question being posed in another country, in another region of the world.  Were this another country, I am 99% sure that the response would have been different – not so much because of differences in sexual inhibitions but because of the students’ views on governmental involvement.

In my opinion, the responses of my students are mere whispers in comparison to the loud message about rights and freedoms being sent by the government of the UAE. Don’t count on me fighting anytime soon for the Emiriti to purchase and use sex toys, but do count on me to stare in amazement at various countries’ perceptions of the role government.

What do you think?  Should they say no to sex toys?