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So, suddenly Adel has blown in like a whirlwind onto Beirut, I Love You.  He’s taken every girl’s heart by storm, except for those hopeless romantics, who are blinded by Yasmine’s relationship already in progress with Tarek.

But if viewers were to be honest, especially those of the female persuasion, they’d admit that their bias goes beyond the prospect of rekindling an old flame, rather it has something to do with Adel himself.  I say this because when I searched my blog statistics today, I saw that many of the searches that led people to my blog were “Real name of Adel from Beirut, I Love you” and “Adel, Beirut, I Love you.”  As further evidence, on “Beirut, I Love You”‘s Facebook page, the top post is about…..drumroll please…..Adel.  There’s just something about Adel.

I believe it’s safe to say that if Adel were a warm knafeh, served up early in the morning, women throughout Beirut would eat him right up.  I surmise that if there were a Mr. Beirut contest, we’d throw Adel in the mix.

While I like to leave my TV crushes in the fantasy world, some like to project possibilities into the future.  I suppose this is why they want to know Adel’s real name.  I am here to satisfy your curiosities.  According to the credits at the end of Episode 20, his real name is Ghady Haidar.  What you will do with this information, I don’t know, but use it wisely.  And if you meet Adel, tell him Beirut loves him and so do I.


Before I left the states my hairdressser told me, in the hushed whisper that hairdressers use when they’re telling you a juicy secret, that she had heard that one of her customers had told her that Middle Eastern guys are cute.  She described them as dark and handsome with the most mysterious of eyes.

In many ways she’s right.  Many of them are just that.  It’s pleasantly surprising to see men who can wear facial hair, since it’s not so common for business men in the states to have a full beard or 5 o’clock shadow without judgment of some sort.

Now, I officially have a crush, and his name is Adel.  Okay, so he’s not someone I interact with everyday, but he’s a crush nonetheless.  Isn’t he lovely?  (you’ll have to wait til you get 1 minute in to meet him)