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As far as I know, McDonald’s prides itself in the quick turnaround of its customers’ orders – hence the term fast food.  I mean they’re not cooking slow roasted baby back ribs.  We’re talking hamburgers and fries, dipped in boiling hot grease to ensure quick turnaround (and clogged arteries).  This is why I am assured that I have officially found the SLOWEST McDonald’s in the World.

Fix your eyes on this:

According to the receipt, the order was taken at 8:55 and the customer (in this case Ryan) did not receive his burger and nuggets until 9:21.  I’ve seen Mickey D’s that have little stop watches for their employees to push them to get their orders out more quickly.  The stop watch equivalent here is being pushy.  Pushing your way to the front of the line. Pushing past the other customers and pushing the person making the order.  The flipside of not pushing is waiting indefinitely for your order.

Unfortunately, it took less time to eat this than it did to make.

City Mall McDonald’s – I officially confer upon you the title “The Slowest McDonald’s in the World.”

Spice, spice, spice it up!

Buckets of Spices at the Grocery Store

Olives Flavored with Lemon

Amazing variety of olives

It was about midnight sometime last week.  A group of us was preparing for a big event at the school when we got a call to pick up some sweets for the visitors that would be coming on campus.  Normally, I hate looking like a tourist, but this time, I clicked away.  There were trays and trays of Lebanese delicacies gracing all over the countertops.  Here’s one of the treats I found:

Falafels.  Always a crowd pleaser.  Shwarma for my carnivorous friends.  The last place I had falafels that I enjoyed so much was in Spain.  Mickey D’s eat your heart out…