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Tomorrow’s my first real day of teaching.

I remember the nervous anticipation I used to feel on my first day of school.  Wondering if we’d get any new students and if our teacher would go easier on us than the last.  My mom always giggles when she reminds me of what happened with my third grade teacher.

She was a stickler, as stern as they come (the teacher that is).  But honestly much of what I did that year, in third grade, is still firmly etched in my mind.  So much so that I didn’t see the need to ever have class with that particular teacher again, because I had learned so much.

My school was fairly small, so teacher shuffling was not uncommon.  Lucky for us, as we progressed on to the fifth grade, the administration greeted us with the surprising news that we’d be privileged to get a new teacher: The Stickler.  Twice as nice!  I complained then, but looking back, we learned a lot.  (if you’re reading, I honestly love you to death, now!)

The teachers you sometimes dread are often the ones you need the most.

Enough with the life lessons.  What I really came to write about was first-day-of-school-jitters.

Hahahahaha!  I ain’t got none!  (And I call myself an English teacher.)  Honestly, I’m just excited about shaping young minds.

While I don’t have the jitters, I do have the indecisive, What-to-Wear syndrome.  I’ve gone through everything, and nothing seems quite right.  It reminds me of my first day of school back in third grade.  I think I’m using the same decision making process now as I did then to choose my outfit.

I’m going for Professional but not stuffy.  Smart, yet youthful.  Fun, but tasteful.

Does this outfit exist?