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While I’m currently slated to teach English and Media Writing to my students, along with developing a Marketing and Communications plan for the school, at heart, I’m still a girl in love with Finance.

I don’t mean in love in the sense that I watch each and every tick of the Dow Jones Industrial Average.  I don’t even mean in love in the sense that I am meticulously glued to the movements of my meager 401k account.  I mean in love like conceptually I love the principles that build its very foundations, especially the principle of Risk and Return.

When I finally settled on coming to Lebanon, my mom had one pertinent piece of advice: “Be sure in your decision, and understand why you’re going, because you’re going to get an opinion from everyone about your decision.”

And she was right.

Now that I’m here, I’m confident I made the right decision.  But everything that makes me feel comfortable, also makes me feel uncomfortable.

In many ways I feel like I’ve taken the “dis” out of the word “discomfort.”  And that discomfort is part of the risk I planned to take on in making this decision.

Let me explain.  In living in this community of foreigners, I feel like I’m missing out on the experience of living with the people who hold citizenship in this country.  I’m joining a group that has already picked out all of the good and the bad in this culture and is ready to serve it up to me in small, TV-dinner-sized bites.  As a result, they’ve taken out all of the discomfort from the experience for me.  In many ways their joys, fears and enjoyments are becoming my own, so that at times, I’m not exploring and evaluating for myself.  I’m afraid this will keep me from learning the culture, language and people with an open mind.

So, it’s my goal this week to step out and add a little discomfort to my experience.  Speak a few words in Arabic and get laughed at.  Wander down the hill, upon which my school is perched, and get lost.  Try some food that no one has given me clearance to eat and be disappointed.  Whatever it is, I need to step out and take a risk in order to fully enjoy this experience.

In order to reap my reward, I’ve got to leave the “dis” in “discomfort,” because in discomfort there is risk and in risk there is reward.


I’d call myself a commitaphobe.  Scared of phone contracts, gym memberships and consistent church attendance at the same church each week.  The funny thing is, I’ve had the same phone company and number for the last 7 years; I exercise fairly regularly and I attend church just about every week.  So maybe the commitment issue is a front.  Nonetheless, I’m a commitaphobe, who’s ironically committed to meeting goals.  So I’m setting out to mark some stuff off of my ever growing To Do List this summer.  I’m inviting you to set out on the quest with me and do the same.

Here’s my List:
Take a Salsa Class
Finish & Submit my PhD Applications
Finish & Submit my Book Proposal
Reconnect with 3 people
(I wanna add, run a 1/2 marathon, but I’ll decide that next week)
What have I done so far:

I really want to add some more stuff to my list, but I know that’s foolhardy and I won’t get anything done! Sooooo, as an update on my first week at it. I have made a little bit of progress:

1. I looked up the information for the Salsa Class. There was a session at some place up north this past Sunday night, but I couldn’t get any takers to go out there. I may have to just commit to myself that I’ll take the class, even if it means going at it alone. Somehow, you’d think this would be the easiest out of the all the things on my list, but I feel like this one is gonna get over looked first. Honestly I should just find a class and sign-up, but it has to be close to work, because my work schedule can be kinda crazy sometimes….moving on.

2. So, on the Ph.D. front. I haven’t touched Ph.D. stuff in the past week. I’ve thought about it. Does that count? I was on a roll with this a few weeks ago, and I need to get back on it, because the applications close this December and I want to have mine in when the applications open. I expect more from myself! I need to get on it!!

3. If anything has been moving along, it’s this! Not sure if you’re familiar with the book proposal process, but it’s like writing a business plan for your book. You can sell it based on the merits of the book proposal (for a non-fiction book) without actually finishing the book. I’m hungry for this, like a fat ravenous woman on a hot summer day who would eat her first born if she had to. There are lots of parts:
-Author Bio
-Sample Chapters

I’ve written rough drafts of the Overview, Author Bio, started competition, but lots to go still, very rough draft of outline and Sample Chapters. So I’m on this. I just want to finish it, and maybe other stuff is getting pushed aside for this.

4. Reconnecting….well, let’s see. I gotta get a better grip on what this means. Reconnect with who? A long lost lover? Nah! Loves are lost for a reason. With a relative? I could see that. With a friend I haven’t spoken to in a long time. That might work. I gotta figure out where I was going with this one.

5. If I do decide to add this one, I did go for a 7 mile run this past Sunday. Not bad for my first time back in a LONG time. Amazing what a black girl can do when she’s not worried about her hair, cuz it needs to get done anyway.

Join me in my quest. What are your summertime dreams?